Write short notes on the following in 30 words each: (i) Constitutional morality (ii) Conflict of interest (iii) Probity in public life (iv) Challenges of digitalization (v) Devotion to duty [2022]

(i) Constitutional morality refers to the values and principles that underpin a constitutional democracy, such as respect for the rule of law, individual rights, and the separation of powers.

(ii) Conflict of interest occurs when an individual has a personal or financial stake in a decision that may influence their judgment or actions.

(iii) Probity in public life refers to the principle that those in public positions should behave ethically and with integrity, avoiding actions that could be perceived as corrupt or self-serving.

(iv) The challenges of digitalization refer to the changes and disruptions caused by the increasing use of digital technologies in society and business.

(v) Devotion to duty refers to a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to performing one’s work or tasks to the best of one’s abilities.

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