With reference to Scheduled Areas in India, consider the following statements:

1. Within a State, the notification of an area as Scheduled Area takes place through an Order of the President.

2. The largest administrative unit forming the Scheduled Area is the District and the lowest is the cluster of villages in the Block. 

3. The Chief Ministers of concerned States are required to submit annual reports to the Union Home Ministry on the administration of Scheduled Areas in the States.

How many of the above statements are correct?

(a) Only one
(b) Only two
(c) All three
(d) None

Statement 1: Notification of Scheduled Areas through Presidential Order

  • This statement is correct.
  • The notification of an area as a Scheduled Area within a State is done through a Presidential Order.
  • The President has the authority to declare certain areas as Scheduled Areas based on the criteria specified in the Constitution.

Statement 2: Administrative Units in Scheduled Areas

  • This statement is correct.
  • In a Scheduled Area, the administrative units are organized from the district level to the cluster of villages in the Block.
  • The District is the largest administrative unit, and within the District, there are smaller administrative units such as Blocks and Clusters of villages.

Statement 3: Annual Reports on Scheduled Areas

  • This statement is incorrect.
  • It is the Governor of the concerned State who is responsible for submitting annual reports to the President of India, not the Chief Ministers.
  • The Governor acts as the representative of the President in the State and is responsible for reporting on the administration and development activities in the Scheduled Areas to the President through the Union Home Ministry.
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