Which one of the following best describes the concept of ‘Small Farmer Large Field’?

(a) Resettlement of a large number of people, uprooted from their countries due to war, by giving them a large cultivable land which they cultivate collectively and share the produce

(b) Many marginal farmers in an area organize themselves into groups and synchronize and harmonize selected agricultural operations 

(c) Many marginal farmers in an area together make a contract with a corporate body and surrender their land to the corporate body for a fixed term for which the corporate body makes a payment of agreed amount to the farmers 

(d) A company extends loans, technical knowledge and material inputs to a number of small farmers in an area so that they produce the agricultural commodity required by the company for its manufacturing process and commercial production


The concept of ‘Small Farmer Large Field’ is best described by option (b). It is a collective action model that allows small farmers to benefit from achieving economies of scale by organizing themselves into groups and synchronizing and harmonizing selected operations.

The other options are not correct. Option (a) is about resettlement of refugees. Option (c) is about corporate farming. Option (d) is about contract farming.

Here are some more details about the Small Farmer Large Field model:

  • Small farmers in an area organize themselves into groups.
  • The groups agree to synchronize and harmonize selected agricultural operations.
  • This could include things like planting, harvesting, and marketing.
  • By working together, the farmers can achieve economies of scale.
  • This means that they can produce more crops with less cost.
  • The farmers can also benefit from collective bargaining power.
  • This means that they can negotiate better prices for their crops.

The Small Farmer Large Field model has been successful in many countries. It has helped to improve the livelihoods of small farmers and increase food production.

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