Who among the following rulers of medieval Gujarat surrendered Diu to Portuguese?

(a) Ahmad Shah

(b) Mahmud Begarha

(c) Bahadur Shah

(d) Muhammad Shah

The correct answer is (c): Bahadur Shah.

Bahadur Shah was the Sultan of Gujarat from 1526 to 1537. He was the son of Muzaffar Shah II and succeeded his father to the throne. Bahadur Shah was a capable ruler and he expanded the Gujarat Sultanate. He also built a strong navy and he was able to defeat the Portuguese in several battles.

However, Bahadur Shah was eventually defeated by the Portuguese in 1535. He was forced to surrender Diu to the Portuguese and he was also forced to pay a large amount of tribute to them. Bahadur Shah was killed in battle in 1537.

The surrender of Diu to the Portuguese was a major blow to the Gujarat Sultanate. It marked the beginning of the decline of the Sultanate and it also paved the way for the Portuguese to establish their dominance in the Indian Ocean.

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