What are the methods used by the farmer’s organizations to influence the policy-makers in India and how effective are these methods? (150 words)

Methods used by Farmer’s Organizations in India

  • Supporting Political Parties: Farmers’ organizations support political parties during election times and sometimes even during non-election times. This helps them control the parties and influence their decisions.
  • Protests: Farmers stage protests at the state and national level to voice their issues. At times, these protests can turn violent.
  • Long March: The long march of farmers to cities has become an effective medium of raising their issues.
  • Media: Farmers’ organizations use media and social media to raise their issues and opinions, trying to influence public opinions.
  • Close Rapport with the State Apparatus: The agrarian pressure groups maintain close rapport with the bureaucratic machinery, working closely with key bureaucrats and executives in framing agri policies.

Effectiveness of these methods

Positive Impacts:

  • The overall impact on landless labourers and tillers of the soil has been tremendous.
  • Farmers’ organizations have been successful in increasing wage rates for agriculture labourers and securing a share for poor peasants.
  • Pressure has been exerted by organized agrarian lobbies to improve the socio-economic position of farmers, leading to various land reforms measures.

Negative Impacts:

  • The impact of these groups and organizations has been limited compared to other big economies.
  • Political voice and influence of these groups is less.
  • Organizations have limited territorial reach due to a fractured mandate, political party support, geography, and other factors.
  • Organizations have become a tool for vote bank politics, rendering them ineffective in their persuasiveness.

Despite some shortcomings, farmers’ pressure groups are considered as an important and helpful element of the democratic process. The complex society and economy make it difficult for farmers to pursue their interests individually, hence the support of pressure groups based on common interests is essential. The government should consult these organizations during policy formulation and implementation.

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