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What are the determinants of left-wing extremism in Eastern part of India? What strategy should Government of India, civil administration and security forces adopt to counter the threat in the affected areas? (250 words)

Left-wing extremism in Eastern India, also known as Maoism, is driven by a number of factors including:

  • Poverty and inequality: Many areas affected by Maoism are characterized by high levels of poverty and economic inequality, which can create a sense of discontent and marginalization among certain groups.
  • Lack of government presence: In many rural and remote areas, the government has limited presence and infrastructure, which can lead to a lack of development and opportunities. This can also create a vacuum that is filled by extremist groups.
  • Land disputes: Land disputes, particularly over resource extraction, can be a major driver of Maoist activity.
  • Social and cultural issues: Maoism often targets marginalized groups, such as indigenous communities and lower castes, who may feel excluded from mainstream society.

To counter the threat of Maoism in affected areas, the government of India should adopt a multi-pronged strategy that includes:

  • Addressing poverty and inequality: This can be done through targeted development programs and policies that aim to reduce poverty and increase economic opportunities.
  • Strengthening the rule of law: This includes improving the capacity and effectiveness of the police and judicial system, as well as addressing issues such as corruption and human rights abuses.
  • Promoting alternative development: The government should work with local communities and civil society to identify and support alternative development initiatives that can provide alternatives to extremist ideologies.
  • Engaging with communities: The government should work to build trust and engage with communities affected by Maoism, and provide opportunities for dialogue and reconciliation.
  • Providing security: The government should work to improve the capacity and effectiveness of security forces, while also ensuring that any security operations are conducted in a transparent and accountable manner.

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