The organisms “Cicada, Froghopper and Pond skater” are:

(a) Birds
(b) Fish
(c) Insects
(d) Reptiles

Correct Answer: (c) Insects


  • Cicada:
    • Cicadas belong to the order Hemiptera and are part of the family Cicadidae.
    • They are known for their sound-producing abilities and have a life cycle that includes egg, nymph, and adult stages.
  • Froghopper:
    • Froghoppers are part of the superfamily Cercopoidea within the order Hemiptera.
    • They are known for their jumping abilities and the foam shelters produced by their nymphs, commonly called spittlebugs.
  • Pond Skater:
    • Pond skaters, also known as water striders, belong to the family Gerridae within the order Hemiptera.
    • They are recognized for their ability to walk on water due to their hydrophobic legs.

Other Options:

  • Birds:
    • Birds are endothermic animals with feathers, wings, and beaks.
    • They have pneumatic bones and a high metabolic rate to support flight.
    • Examples include penguins, hawks, and songbirds.
  • Fish:
    • Fish are cold-blooded vertebrates with gills, fins, and scales.
    • They have a swim bladder for buoyancy and a two-chambered heart.
    • Examples include salmon, trout, and sharks.
  • Reptiles:
    • Reptiles are cold-blooded animals with scales and internal fertilization.
    • They have a three-chambered heart (except crocodiles, which have four chambers) and lay eggs.
    • Examples include snakes, lizards, and turtles.

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  • Cicada:
    • Cicadas are known for their periodical emergence every 13 or 17 years in some species.
    • They have prominent compound eyes and membranous wings.
    • Their songs are produced by vibrating tymbals near the base of the abdomen.
  • Froghopper:
    • Froghoppers can jump up to 70 cm vertically, an impressive feat relative to their body size.
    • They produce foam nests to protect their nymphs, which are commonly seen in meadows during spring.
    • They have stout spines on their hind tibiae, distinguishing them from leafhoppers.
  • Pond Skater:
    • Pond skaters have hydrophobic legs that allow them to stand on water due to surface tension.
    • They have a slender body and three pairs of legs adapted for different functions: grabbing prey, paddling, and steering.
    • They are found in freshwater habitats worldwide and play a role in controlling insect populations.
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