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The Climate Group is a non-profit organisation that works with business and government leaders around the world to solve the issue of climate change. The group has programmes aims at renewable energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Launched in 2004, the organisation operates internationally with offices in the UK (headquarters), the United States, and India.

It acts as the secretariat for the Under2 Coalition, an alliance of state and regional governments around the world that are committed to decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero levels by 2050. As of 2017, the Under2 Coalition brings together over 205 governments from 43 countries, representing 1.3 billion people and almost 40 percent of the global economy.

The organisation’s business endeavors “RE100“, “EP100” and “EV100“, which are run as part of the We Mean Business coalition, seek to grow corporate demand for renewable energy, energy productivity, and electric transport, revving the transition to a zero-emissions economy while supporting leading businesses to lower carbon emissions, be more resilient and increase returns.

Other projects, past and present, include the LED “LightSavers” global trials, which took place in cities such as New York City, Hong Kong and Kolkata; the Climate Principles project, under which financial institutions decide to take into account climate change while structuring their service and product offerings;

the States and Regions Alliance, created to encourage state, provincial and city government climate change initiatives; and considerable publications assessing and fostering the potential value of low carbon technologies and policies.

They have partnered on initiatives and reports with organisations, including the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi), the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), CDP, the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences, the United Nations Foundation, the German Marshall Fund, the Office of Tony Blair and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

The Climate Group hosts international summits and events, such as Climate Week NYC in New York City, a week-long global forum promoting global climate action, and the India Energy Access Summit in New Delhi.

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