Suggest measures to improve water storage and irrigation system to make its judicious use under depleting scenario. (250 words)

India’s water storage and irrigation systems have long been in need of improvement in order to ensure more judicious use of water, especially in light of the country’s depleting water resources. Here are a few measures that could be taken to improve these systems:

  • Promote the use of drip irrigation to conserve water and prevent soil erosion.
  • Construct more reservoirs and water storage tanks to increase overall water storage capacity and regulate water flow.
  • Repair and maintain existing irrigation infrastructure to reduce water wastage.
  • Implement water-saving technologies such as smart irrigation systems to adjust water applied to crops based on weather conditions.
  • Promote water-efficient crops to reduce demand for irrigation water.
  • Educate farmers on water conservation practices.
  • Implement water pricing policies that reflect the true cost of water to incentivize more efficient use.
  • Implement water conservation laws and regulations to promote responsible use.
  • Invest in water treatment and reuse technologies to reduce demand for fresh water.
  • Promote rainwater harvesting as a simple and cost-effective water conservation technique.
  • Adopt precision farming practices to optimize resource use and reduce demand for irrigation water.
  • Invest in infrastructure to transport water to areas of need.

Hence, a combination of these measures could help improve the water storage and irrigation systems in India and ensure more judicious use of water under the country’s depleting water scenario.

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