Reservoirs in India with Associated States and Rivers

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India is home to a large number of reservoirs, which are constructed for various purposes such as irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and water supply. Each state in India has a number of reservoirs, and in this article, we will list all the major reservoirs in each state. Note: This topic is repeated in UPSC prelims exam.

This topic of “Reservoirs in India with Associated States and Rivers” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Srisailam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Somasila Reservoir: Penna River
  • Pulichintala Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Tungabhadra Reservoir: Tungabhadra River
  • Kandaleru Reservoir: Kandaleru River
  • Gandikota Reservoir: Penna River
  • Yeleru Reservoir: Yeleru River
  • Penna Ahobilam Balancing Reservoir: Penna River
  • Jurala Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Dowleswaram Barrage Reservoir: Godavari River
  • Veligonda Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Nizam Sagar Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Kolluru Reservoir: Godavari River
  • K.C. Canal Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Singur Dam Reservoir: Manjeera River
  • Peddavagu Reservoir: Peddavagu River

Arunachal Pradesh:

  • Dibang Multipurpose Project – Dibang River
  • Ranganadi Dam Reservoir – Ranganadi River
  • Kameng Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kameng River
  • Pare Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Pare River
  • Dikrong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Dikrong River
  • Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Subansiri River
  • Subansiri Upper Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Subansiri River

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  • Doyang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Doyang River
  • Kopili Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kopili River
  • Karbi Langpi Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Karbi Langpi River
  • Lower Haflong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Jatinga River
  • Lower Kolong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kolong River
  • Namdang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Namdang River
  • Pare Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Pare River
  • Umtru Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Umtru River


  • Kosi Barrage Reservoir: Kosi River
  • Gandak Barrage Reservoir: Gandak River
  • Sone Barrage Reservoir: Sone River
  • Durgawati Reservoir: Durgawati River
  • Tatanagar Reservoir: Subernarekha River
  • Agamkuan Reservoir: Punpun River


  • Hasdeo Bango Dam Reservoir: Hasdeo River
  • Kelo Reservoir: Kelo River
  • Khudia Dam Reservoir: Khudia River
  • Dudhawa Dam Reservoir: Shivnath River
  • Mahanadi Reservoir: Mahanadi River
  • Tandula Dam Reservoir: Tandula River
  • Amrit Dhara Reservoir: Amrit Dhara River
  • Gangrel Dam Reservoir: Mahanadi River
  • Kharang Dam Reservoir: Kharang River
  • Udanti Reservoir: Udanti River


  • Anjunem Dam Reservoir: Anjunem River
  • Chapoli Dam Reservoir: Chapoli River
  • Selaulim Dam Reservoir: Selaulim River
  • Mayem Lake: Mayem River
  • Carambolim Lake: Carambolim River


  • Sardar Sarovar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Ukai Reservoir: Tapi River
  • Kadana Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Dantiwada Dam Reservoir: Sabarmati River
  • Hiran-I Reservoir: Hiran River
  • Hiran-II Reservoir: Hiran River
  • Kamleshwar Dam Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Dharoi Dam Reservoir: Sabarmati River
  • Panam Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Sipu Reservoir: Sipu River
  • Kharicut Reservoir: Kharicut Canal
  • Vishwamitri River Reservoir: Vishwamitri River
  • Sukhi Reservoir: Sukhi River
  • Karjan Reservoir: Karjan River
  • Shedhi Reservoir: Shedhi Canal
  • Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Dhadhar Reservoir: Dhadhar River


  • Bhakra Canal Reservoir: Satluj River
  • Hansi Branch Canal Reservoir: Ghaggar River
  • Kaushalya Dam Reservoir: Kaushalya River
  • Masani Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Hathnikund Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Western Yamuna Canal Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Tajewala Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River

Himachal Pradesh:

  • Bhakra Dam Reservoir: Sutlej River
  • Kol Dam Reservoir: Satluj River
  • Chamera Dam Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Pandoh Dam Reservoir: Beas River
  • Gobind Sagar Reservoir: Sutlej River
  • Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir: Beas River
  • Bassi Dam Reservoir: Banas River
  • Sanjay Sarovar Dam Reservoir: Parvati River
  • Giri Dam Reservoir: Giri River
  • Baner Dam Reservoir: Baner River
  • Chhatrari Dam Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Chulla Mahadev Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Larji Dam Reservoir: Beas River
  • Renuka Dam Reservoir: Giri River


  • Panchet Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Maithon Dam Reservoir: Barakar River
  • Konar Reservoir: Konar River
  • Tilaiya Dam Reservoir: Barakar River
  • Getalsud Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Chandil Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Tenughat Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Dimna Lake: Subarnarekha River
  • Hatia Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Patratu Dam Reservoir: Nalkari River


  • Almatti Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Tungabhadra Reservoir: Tungabhadra River
  • Linganamakki Reservoir: Sharavathi River
  • Supa Dam Reservoir: Kali River
  • Krishna Raja Sagara Reservoir: Cauvery River
  • Kabini Reservoir: Kabini River
  • Hemavathi Reservoir: Hemavathi River
  • Harangi Reservoir: Harangi River
  • Bhadra Reservoir: Bhadra River
  • Malaprabha Reservoir: Malaprabha River
  • Ghataprabha Reservoir: Ghataprabha River
  • Varahi Reservoir: Varahi River
  • Mani Dam Reservoir: Mani River
  • Hidkal Reservoir: Ghataprabha River
  • Narayanpur Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Yagachi Reservoir: Yagachi River
  • Raja Lakhamagouda Reservoir: Malaprabha River
  • Upper Tunga Reservoir: Tunga River


  • Idukki Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Mullaperiyar Reservoir: Mullayar River
  • Malampuzha Reservoir: Bharathapuzha River
  • Peechi Reservoir: Manali River
  • Lower Periyar Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Mattupetty Reservoir: Matupetty Nullah
  • Neyyar Dam Reservoir: Neyyar River
  • Sholayar Reservoir: Chalakudy River
  • Banasura Sagar Reservoir: Kabini River
  • Pothundy Reservoir: Meenachil River
  • Chimmony Reservoir: Chimmony River
  • Kakkadampoyil Reservoir: Kakkadampoyil River
  • Pazhassi Dam Reservoir: Valapattanam River
  • Kallada Reservoir: Kallada River
  • Chalakkudy Reservoir: Chalakudy River

Madhya Pradesh

  • Indira Sagar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Tawa Reservoir: Tawa River
  • Bargi Dam Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Gandhi Sagar Reservoir: Chambal River
  • Rani Avanti Bai Sagar Reservoir: Tawa River
  • Bansagar Reservoir: Son River
  • Barna Reservoir: Barna River
  • Boriyamal Reservoir: Wainganga River
  • Halali Reservoir: Halali River
  • Kerwa Dam Reservoir: Kerwa River
  • Kolar Dam Reservoir: Kolar River
  • Matiyari Dam Reservoir: Matiyari River
  • Mohanpura Dam Reservoir: Newaj River
  • Pariyat Reservoir: Parvati River
  • Pipliya Pala Dam Reservoir: Chamla River
  • Sanjay Sagar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Shivpuri Reservoir: Sindh River
  • Sultania Reservoir: Tons River


  • Koyna Dam Reservoir: Koyna River
  • Upper Vaitarana Reservoir: Vaitarna River
  • Jayakwadi Dam Reservoir: Godavari River
  • Vihar Reservoir: Vihar Lake
  • Pavana Reservoir: Pavana River
  • Bhandardara Reservoir: Pravara River
  • Tansa Reservoir: Tansa River
  • Mula Reservoir: Mula River
  • Khadakwasla Reservoir: Mutha River
  • Radhanagari Dam Reservoir: Bhogawati River
  • Mulshi Reservoir: Mula River
  • Dhom Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Manikdoh Dam Reservoir: Kukadi River
  • Barvi Dam Reservoir: Barvi River
  • Totladoh Reservoir: Pench River
  • Nira Devghar Reservoir: Nira River
  • Dhamapur Lake: Kalna River


  • Khuga Dam Reservoir – Khuga River
  • Singda Dam Reservoir – Singda River
  • Mapithel Dam Reservoir – Thoubal River
  • Ithai Barrage Reservoir – Manipur River
  • Thoubal Dam Reservoir – Thoubal River
  • Loktak Lake – Manipur River


  • Umiam Lake (Barapani): Umiam River
  • Simsang River Dam Reservoir: Simsang River


  • Doyang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Doyang River
  • Tizu River Reservoir: Tizu River


  • Hirakud Reservoir – Mahanadi River
  • Rengali Dam Reservoir – Brahmani River
  • Upper Kolab Dam Reservoir – Kolab River
  • Balimela Reservoir – Sileru River
  • Mandira Dam Reservoir – Sondur River
  • Salia Dam Reservoir – Salandi River
  • Kuanria Dam Reservoir – Kuakhai River
  • Indravati Dam Reservoir – Indravati River
  • Jalaput Dam Reservoir – Machkund River
  • Deras Dam Reservoir – Vamsadhara River


  • Rangit Dam Reservoir: Rangit River
  • Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Rangit River
  • Dikchu Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Dikchu River

Tamil Nadu

  • Mettur Dam Reservoir: Kaveri River
  • Bhavanisagar Dam Reservoir: Bhavani River
  • Vaigai Dam Reservoir: Vaigai River
  • Aliyar Dam Reservoir: Aliyar River
  • Amaravathi Dam Reservoir: Amaravathi River
  • Kodaikanal Lake: Kodaikanal Hill range
  • Kukkal Dam Reservoir: Kukkal River
  • Manimuthar Dam Reservoir: Manimuthar River
  • Mullaperiyar Dam Reservoir: Mullaperiyar River
  • Pechiparai Reservoir: Kodayar River
  • Periyar Dam Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Pykara Reservoir: Pykara River
  • Sathanur Dam Reservoir: Pennaiyar River
  • Sholayar Dam Reservoir: Sholayar River
  • Thirumoorthy Dam Reservoir: Thirumoorthy River
  • Upper Aliyar Dam Reservoir: Aliyar River


  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Srisailam Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Singur Dam Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Lower Manair Dam Reservoir: Manair River
  • Nizam Sagar Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Kadam Dam Reservoir: Kadam River
  • Wyra Reservoir: Wyra River
  • Kotpally Reservoir: Kotpally Stream
  • LMD Bridge Reservoir: Godavari River


  • Dumbur Dam Reservoir: Dumbur River
  • Gumti Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Gumti River
  • Khowai Dam Reservoir: Khowai River
  • Manu Dam Reservoir: Manu River

Uttar Pradesh

  • Ramganga Dam Reservoir – Ramganga River
  • Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Reservoir – Rapti River
  • Rihand Dam Reservoir – Rihand River
  • Matatila Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Sagar Reservoir – Ken River
  • Tanda Dam Reservoir – Ken River
  • Parichha Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Sarda Sahayak Canal Reservoir – Sarda River
  • Bakhira Dam Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Meja Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Okhla Barrage Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Bird Sanctuary Agra Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Ganges Canal Reservoir – Ganges River


  • Tehri Dam Reservoir: Bhagirathi River
  • Dharasu Dam Reservoir: Bhagirathi River
  • Haripura Dam Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Madmaheshwar Reservoir: Madmaheshwar Ganga, a tributary of Alaknanda River
  • Dhauliganga Reservoir: Dhauliganga River
  • Gairsain Reservoir: Gomti River
  • Sharda Barrage Reservoir: Sharda River
  • Srinagar Dam Reservoir: Alaknanda River
  • Pashulok Barrage Reservoir: Ganges River
  • Lakhwar Dam Reservoir: Yamuna River

West Bengal

  • Damodar River Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Bakreswar Reservoir: Bakreswar River
  • DVC Canal Reservoir: Damodar Valley Corporation Canal
  • Durgapur Barrage Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Massanjore Dam Reservoir: Mayurakshi River
  • Panchet Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Tilpara Barrage Reservoir: Damodar River

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