Reservoirs in India with Associated States and Rivers

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India is home to a large number of reservoirs, which are constructed for various purposes such as irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and water supply. Each state in India has a number of reservoirs, and in this article, we will list all the major reservoirs in each state. Note: This topic is repeated in UPSC prelims exam.

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Srisailam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Somasila Reservoir: Penna River
  • Pulichintala Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Tungabhadra Reservoir: Tungabhadra River
  • Kandaleru Reservoir: Kandaleru River
  • Gandikota Reservoir: Penna River
  • Yeleru Reservoir: Yeleru River
  • Penna Ahobilam Balancing Reservoir: Penna River
  • Jurala Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Dowleswaram Barrage Reservoir: Godavari River
  • Veligonda Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Nizam Sagar Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Kolluru Reservoir: Godavari River
  • K.C. Canal Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Singur Dam Reservoir: Manjeera River
  • Peddavagu Reservoir: Peddavagu River

Arunachal Pradesh:

  • Dibang Multipurpose Project – Dibang River
  • Ranganadi Dam Reservoir – Ranganadi River
  • Kameng Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kameng River
  • Pare Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Pare River
  • Dikrong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Dikrong River
  • Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Subansiri River
  • Subansiri Upper Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Subansiri River

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  • Doyang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Doyang River
  • Kopili Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kopili River
  • Karbi Langpi Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Karbi Langpi River
  • Lower Haflong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Jatinga River
  • Lower Kolong Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Kolong River
  • Namdang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Namdang River
  • Pare Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Pare River
  • Umtru Hydroelectric Project Reservoir – Umtru River


  • Kosi Barrage Reservoir: Kosi River
  • Gandak Barrage Reservoir: Gandak River
  • Sone Barrage Reservoir: Sone River
  • Durgawati Reservoir: Durgawati River
  • Tatanagar Reservoir: Subernarekha River
  • Agamkuan Reservoir: Punpun River


  • Hasdeo Bango Dam Reservoir: Hasdeo River
  • Kelo Reservoir: Kelo River
  • Khudia Dam Reservoir: Khudia River
  • Dudhawa Dam Reservoir: Shivnath River
  • Mahanadi Reservoir: Mahanadi River
  • Tandula Dam Reservoir: Tandula River
  • Amrit Dhara Reservoir: Amrit Dhara River
  • Gangrel Dam Reservoir: Mahanadi River
  • Kharang Dam Reservoir: Kharang River
  • Udanti Reservoir: Udanti River


  • Anjunem Dam Reservoir: Anjunem River
  • Chapoli Dam Reservoir: Chapoli River
  • Selaulim Dam Reservoir: Selaulim River
  • Mayem Lake: Mayem River
  • Carambolim Lake: Carambolim River


  • Sardar Sarovar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Ukai Reservoir: Tapi River
  • Kadana Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Dantiwada Dam Reservoir: Sabarmati River
  • Hiran-I Reservoir: Hiran River
  • Hiran-II Reservoir: Hiran River
  • Kamleshwar Dam Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Dharoi Dam Reservoir: Sabarmati River
  • Panam Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Sipu Reservoir: Sipu River
  • Kharicut Reservoir: Kharicut Canal
  • Vishwamitri River Reservoir: Vishwamitri River
  • Sukhi Reservoir: Sukhi River
  • Karjan Reservoir: Karjan River
  • Shedhi Reservoir: Shedhi Canal
  • Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Reservoir: Mahi River
  • Dhadhar Reservoir: Dhadhar River


  • Bhakra Canal Reservoir: Satluj River
  • Hansi Branch Canal Reservoir: Ghaggar River
  • Kaushalya Dam Reservoir: Kaushalya River
  • Masani Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Hathnikund Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Western Yamuna Canal Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Tajewala Barrage Reservoir: Yamuna River

Himachal Pradesh:

  • Bhakra Dam Reservoir: Sutlej River
  • Kol Dam Reservoir: Satluj River
  • Chamera Dam Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Pandoh Dam Reservoir: Beas River
  • Gobind Sagar Reservoir: Sutlej River
  • Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir: Beas River
  • Bassi Dam Reservoir: Banas River
  • Sanjay Sarovar Dam Reservoir: Parvati River
  • Giri Dam Reservoir: Giri River
  • Baner Dam Reservoir: Baner River
  • Chhatrari Dam Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Chulla Mahadev Reservoir: Ravi River
  • Larji Dam Reservoir: Beas River
  • Renuka Dam Reservoir: Giri River


  • Panchet Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Maithon Dam Reservoir: Barakar River
  • Konar Reservoir: Konar River
  • Tilaiya Dam Reservoir: Barakar River
  • Getalsud Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Chandil Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Tenughat Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Dimna Lake: Subarnarekha River
  • Hatia Dam Reservoir: Subarnarekha River
  • Patratu Dam Reservoir: Nalkari River


  • Almatti Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Tungabhadra Reservoir: Tungabhadra River
  • Linganamakki Reservoir: Sharavathi River
  • Supa Dam Reservoir: Kali River
  • Krishna Raja Sagara Reservoir: Cauvery River
  • Kabini Reservoir: Kabini River
  • Hemavathi Reservoir: Hemavathi River
  • Harangi Reservoir: Harangi River
  • Bhadra Reservoir: Bhadra River
  • Malaprabha Reservoir: Malaprabha River
  • Ghataprabha Reservoir: Ghataprabha River
  • Varahi Reservoir: Varahi River
  • Mani Dam Reservoir: Mani River
  • Hidkal Reservoir: Ghataprabha River
  • Narayanpur Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Yagachi Reservoir: Yagachi River
  • Raja Lakhamagouda Reservoir: Malaprabha River
  • Upper Tunga Reservoir: Tunga River


  • Idukki Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Mullaperiyar Reservoir: Mullayar River
  • Malampuzha Reservoir: Bharathapuzha River
  • Peechi Reservoir: Manali River
  • Lower Periyar Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Mattupetty Reservoir: Matupetty Nullah
  • Neyyar Dam Reservoir: Neyyar River
  • Sholayar Reservoir: Chalakudy River
  • Banasura Sagar Reservoir: Kabini River
  • Pothundy Reservoir: Meenachil River
  • Chimmony Reservoir: Chimmony River
  • Kakkadampoyil Reservoir: Kakkadampoyil River
  • Pazhassi Dam Reservoir: Valapattanam River
  • Kallada Reservoir: Kallada River
  • Chalakkudy Reservoir: Chalakudy River

Madhya Pradesh

  • Indira Sagar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Tawa Reservoir: Tawa River
  • Bargi Dam Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Gandhi Sagar Reservoir: Chambal River
  • Rani Avanti Bai Sagar Reservoir: Tawa River
  • Bansagar Reservoir: Son River
  • Barna Reservoir: Barna River
  • Boriyamal Reservoir: Wainganga River
  • Halali Reservoir: Halali River
  • Kerwa Dam Reservoir: Kerwa River
  • Kolar Dam Reservoir: Kolar River
  • Matiyari Dam Reservoir: Matiyari River
  • Mohanpura Dam Reservoir: Newaj River
  • Pariyat Reservoir: Parvati River
  • Pipliya Pala Dam Reservoir: Chamla River
  • Sanjay Sagar Reservoir: Narmada River
  • Shivpuri Reservoir: Sindh River
  • Sultania Reservoir: Tons River


  • Koyna Dam Reservoir: Koyna River
  • Upper Vaitarana Reservoir: Vaitarna River
  • Jayakwadi Dam Reservoir: Godavari River
  • Vihar Reservoir: Vihar Lake
  • Pavana Reservoir: Pavana River
  • Bhandardara Reservoir: Pravara River
  • Tansa Reservoir: Tansa River
  • Mula Reservoir: Mula River
  • Khadakwasla Reservoir: Mutha River
  • Radhanagari Dam Reservoir: Bhogawati River
  • Mulshi Reservoir: Mula River
  • Dhom Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Manikdoh Dam Reservoir: Kukadi River
  • Barvi Dam Reservoir: Barvi River
  • Totladoh Reservoir: Pench River
  • Nira Devghar Reservoir: Nira River
  • Dhamapur Lake: Kalna River


  • Khuga Dam Reservoir – Khuga River
  • Singda Dam Reservoir – Singda River
  • Mapithel Dam Reservoir – Thoubal River
  • Ithai Barrage Reservoir – Manipur River
  • Thoubal Dam Reservoir – Thoubal River
  • Loktak Lake – Manipur River


  • Umiam Lake (Barapani): Umiam River
  • Simsang River Dam Reservoir: Simsang River


  • Doyang Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Doyang River
  • Tizu River Reservoir: Tizu River


  • Hirakud Reservoir – Mahanadi River
  • Rengali Dam Reservoir – Brahmani River
  • Upper Kolab Dam Reservoir – Kolab River
  • Balimela Reservoir – Sileru River
  • Mandira Dam Reservoir – Sondur River
  • Salia Dam Reservoir – Salandi River
  • Kuanria Dam Reservoir – Kuakhai River
  • Indravati Dam Reservoir – Indravati River
  • Jalaput Dam Reservoir – Machkund River
  • Deras Dam Reservoir – Vamsadhara River


  • Rangit Dam Reservoir: Rangit River
  • Jorethang Loop Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Rangit River
  • Dikchu Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Dikchu River

Tamil Nadu

  • Mettur Dam Reservoir: Kaveri River
  • Bhavanisagar Dam Reservoir: Bhavani River
  • Vaigai Dam Reservoir: Vaigai River
  • Aliyar Dam Reservoir: Aliyar River
  • Amaravathi Dam Reservoir: Amaravathi River
  • Kodaikanal Lake: Kodaikanal Hill range
  • Kukkal Dam Reservoir: Kukkal River
  • Manimuthar Dam Reservoir: Manimuthar River
  • Mullaperiyar Dam Reservoir: Mullaperiyar River
  • Pechiparai Reservoir: Kodayar River
  • Periyar Dam Reservoir: Periyar River
  • Pykara Reservoir: Pykara River
  • Sathanur Dam Reservoir: Pennaiyar River
  • Sholayar Dam Reservoir: Sholayar River
  • Thirumoorthy Dam Reservoir: Thirumoorthy River
  • Upper Aliyar Dam Reservoir: Aliyar River


  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Srisailam Dam Reservoir: Krishna River
  • Singur Dam Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Lower Manair Dam Reservoir: Manair River
  • Nizam Sagar Reservoir: Manjira River
  • Kadam Dam Reservoir: Kadam River
  • Wyra Reservoir: Wyra River
  • Kotpally Reservoir: Kotpally Stream
  • LMD Bridge Reservoir: Godavari River


  • Dumbur Dam Reservoir: Dumbur River
  • Gumti Hydroelectric Project Reservoir: Gumti River
  • Khowai Dam Reservoir: Khowai River
  • Manu Dam Reservoir: Manu River

Uttar Pradesh

  • Ramganga Dam Reservoir – Ramganga River
  • Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Reservoir – Rapti River
  • Rihand Dam Reservoir – Rihand River
  • Matatila Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Sagar Reservoir – Ken River
  • Tanda Dam Reservoir – Ken River
  • Parichha Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Sarda Sahayak Canal Reservoir – Sarda River
  • Bakhira Dam Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Meja Dam Reservoir – Betwa River
  • Okhla Barrage Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Bird Sanctuary Agra Reservoir – Yamuna River
  • Ganges Canal Reservoir – Ganges River


  • Tehri Dam Reservoir: Bhagirathi River
  • Dharasu Dam Reservoir: Bhagirathi River
  • Haripura Dam Reservoir: Yamuna River
  • Madmaheshwar Reservoir: Madmaheshwar Ganga, a tributary of Alaknanda River
  • Dhauliganga Reservoir: Dhauliganga River
  • Gairsain Reservoir: Gomti River
  • Sharda Barrage Reservoir: Sharda River
  • Srinagar Dam Reservoir: Alaknanda River
  • Pashulok Barrage Reservoir: Ganges River
  • Lakhwar Dam Reservoir: Yamuna River

West Bengal

  • Damodar River Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Bakreswar Reservoir: Bakreswar River
  • DVC Canal Reservoir: Damodar Valley Corporation Canal
  • Durgapur Barrage Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Massanjore Dam Reservoir: Mayurakshi River
  • Panchet Dam Reservoir: Damodar River
  • Tilpara Barrage Reservoir: Damodar River
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