Performance of welfare schemes that are implemented for vulnerable sections is not so effective due to the absence of their awareness and active involvement at all stages of the policy process. Discuss (250 words)

India has implemented numerous welfare schemes for the vulnerable sections since its inception as a Welfare State. However, the performance of these schemes has often been underwhelming, largely due to the absence of awareness and active involvement of the beneficiaries.


  • Lack of Awareness: The government often fails to build awareness of the schemes among the beneficiaries, leading to a lack of rights-based approach and accountability on the part of the bureaucracy and the executive. This makes the vulnerable sections hesitant participants, reducing the efficacy of the schemes.
  • Lack of Active Participation: The lack of active participation of the vulnerable sections in the planning process results in gaps in the policy and lack of accountability. The uniform measures adopted by the policies fail to capture the diversity and disparities of the country, leading to suboptimal results.


  • Encouraging Active Participation: Encouraging active participation of the people in governance is essential for democracy to succeed. Building awareness and encouraging active involvement of the beneficiaries will enhance the outcomes of welfare schemes.
  • Social Audit: Social Audit is an effective way to ascertain the performance of various schemes and adopt necessary corrective actions. Building awareness among the target groups will help bridge the gap in performance evaluation and lead to robust corrective actions.

Conclusion: Lack of awareness and active involvement of the vulnerable sections is a major hindrance to the performance of welfare schemes in India. Encouraging active participation and building awareness among the beneficiaries is crucial for the success of these schemes and the overall democratization process.

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