Operations undertaken by the Army towards upliftment of the local population in remote areas to include addressing of their basic needs is called:

(a) Operation Sankalp
(b) Operation Maitri
(c) Operation Sadbhavana
(d) Operation Madad

Correct Answer: (c) Operation Sadbhavana


  • Operation Sankalp:
    • Initiated by: Indian Navy.
    • Purpose: To ensure the safety and security of Indian vessels in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.
    • Background: Launched in response to attacks on merchant ships in the Gulf of Oman in June 2019.
    • Deployment: Involves warships and aircraft to monitor and respond to maritime threats.
  • Operation Maitri:
    • Initiated by: Indian Armed Forces.
    • PurposeRescue and relief operation in Nepal following the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
    • Scope: Included evacuation of Indian and foreign citizens, medical aid, and infrastructure rebuilding.
    • Deployment: Involved medical teams, engineer task forces, and aviation assets.
  • Operation Sadbhavana:
    • Initiated by: Indian Army.
    • PurposeWelfare activities in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to address the needs of people affected by terrorism.
    • Activities: Running Army Goodwill Schools, infrastructure development projects, and educational tours.
    • Objectives: National integration, women empowerment, employment generation, and development activities.
  • Operation Madad:
    • Initiated by: Indian Navy.
    • PurposeRescue and relief operations during natural disasters within India.
    • Notable Operations: 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and 2018 Kerala floods.
    • Deployment: Involves rescue teams, diving teams, and aerial sorties for relief and rescue.

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  • Operation Sadbhavana:
    • Objective: To uplift the local population in remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
    • Key Activities:
      • Education: Running Army Goodwill Schools to improve educational standards.
      • Infrastructure Development: Projects include construction of community halls, water supply schemes, and road repairs.
      • Women Empowerment: Training programs in vocational skills like Pashmina shawl weaving and Yak cheese making.
      • Healthcare: Medical camps, provision of medical equipment, and upgradation of medical infrastructure.
      • Community Development: Initiatives like solar lighting, arboriculture, and establishment of bore wells.
    • Impact: Enhances national integration, empowers women, generates employment, and contributes to nation-building.

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