National Commission for Safai Karamcharis – Objectives, Powers & Functions

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Year of Establishment: 1994 under National Commission for Safai Karamchari Act 1993

Ministry: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.


  • to safeguard the interests of safai karamcharis (waste collectors)
  • to provide them with better opportunities and a safe and secure working environment
  • to improve the living conditions of the safai karamcharis
  • to promote their social and economic development.

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Organisation Type:

  • Autonomous body
  • Statutory status at first. As 1993 act lapsed in 2004, it became non-statutory body
  • Quasi-judicial body.


  • To enquire into the grievances of safai karamcharis and to provide recommendations,
  • To recommend measures for the development of safai karamcharis,
  • To advise the government on policy issues related to safai karamcharis,
  • To review the implementation of the various schemes and programmes for the welfare of safai karamcharis,
  • To monitor the implementation of the various programmes and schemes for the welfare of safai karamcharis,
  • To undertake research and surveys for the betterment of safai karamcharis, and
  • To undertake any other activities that are necessary for the welfare and upliftment of safai karamcharis.

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  • Power to investigate any matter concerning the conditions of work and welfare of Safai Karamcharis, and to submit its findings and recommendations to the Central Government.
  • Power to review any Central or State Government policy or program which affects the interests of Safai Karamcharis, and to make recommendations for changes or modifications to such policy or program.

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