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Indravati (Kutru) National Park

Established in1981
GeographyLocated in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh, India, along the Indravati River
BiomeMixed deciduous forest with sal, teak, mahua, tendu, bamboo, and other tree and grass species
Rivers flowing throughIndravati River
FloraSal, teak, mahua, tendu, bamboo trees, and various flowering plants, grasses, shrubs, and climbers
FaunaTigers, leopards, wolves, jackals, hyenas, sambar, chital, nilgai, barking deer, wild buffalo, hill mynas
HillsUndulating terrain with wavy hill topography
WaterfallsMalangir Waterfall (Bailadila Waterfall)
Unique FeaturesPart of the Indravati Tiger Reserve, known for its rich biodiversity and endangered species

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