Indian and USA are two large democracies. Examine the basic tenets on which the two political systems are based. (250 words)

India and the United States of America are two large democracies with distinct political systems based on different historical and cultural backgrounds. The basic tenets on which these political systems are based are as follows:


  • Sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic
  • Parliamentary form of government
  • Fundamental rights and duties enshrined in the Constitution
  • Universal adult suffrage
  • Multi-party system
  • Federal structure with a strong center
  • Independent judiciary
  • Reservation system for disadvantaged communities
  • Pluralism and diversity
  • Mixed economy with emphasis on public sector and social welfare


  • Federal constitutional republic
  • Presidential form of government
  • Separation of powers among three branches of government – legislative, executive, and judicial
  • Bill of Rights guaranteeing individual freedoms and rights
  • Two-party system dominated by Democrats and Republicans
  • Market economy with emphasis on individual rights and private enterprise
  • Limited government and emphasis on individualism
  • Federalism with a balance of power between the central government and states
  • Strong civil society and emphasis on volunteerism and philanthropy

While there are similarities in certain aspects of the political systems of India and the USA such as democracy, fundamental rights, and independent judiciary, there are also significant differences in terms of the form of government, economic ideology, and social policies. The Indian system places greater emphasis on socialist and welfare policies, while the American system places greater emphasis on individualism and limited government.

Overall, both India and the USA have developed their political systems based on their unique historical, cultural, and social contexts, and continue to evolve in response to changing circumstances and challenges.

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