Impact of digital technology as a reliable source of input for rational decision making is a debatable issue. Critically evaluate with a suitable example. (150 words) [2021]

Digital technology has significantly impacted decision making.

Advantages of using digital technology as a source of input for decision making:

  • Quick and easy access to large amounts of data and information
  • Ability to consider a wider range of options and factors
  • More informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information

Limitations of using digital technology as a source of input for decision making:

  • Potential for bias in data and information
  • Risk of relying too heavily on technology and lacking critical thinking and independent judgment

An example of the impact of digital technology on decision making can be seen in the use of data analytics and predictive modeling in the criminal justice system. These tools can help decision-makers, such as judges and parole boards, to make more informed decisions based on data about a person’s likelihood of reoffending. However, there are concerns that these tools may be biased against certain groups and could contribute to the perpetuation of systemic inequalities.

It is important for decision-makers to consider these potential biases and to use digital technology as just one source of input among many when making decisions.

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