How will you explain the medieval Indian temple sculptures represent the social life of those days? (150 words) [2022]

Medieval Indian temple sculptures were an important medium for depicting and conveying the social, cultural, and religious beliefs and practices of the time period.

These sculptures were typically found on the walls and pillars of temples, and depicted a wide range of subjects, including deities, mythological figures, and everyday scenes from the lives of ordinary people.

Temple sculptures often depicted the social hierarchy of the time, with kings and nobles being depicted in a more grand and elaborate manner compared to the depiction of commoners and peasants.

Many temple sculptures also depicted scenes from daily life, such as farming, trading, and other economic activities. These sculptures provided a glimpse into the ways in which people lived and worked during this time period.

In addition to depicting everyday life, temple sculptures also depicted important events and festivals, such as weddings and religious ceremonies. These sculptures helped to convey the cultural and religious practices of the time period.

Overall, medieval Indian temple sculptures provide a rich source of information about the social, cultural, and religious practices of the time period, and offer a unique window into the lives of people living in medieval India.

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