An apparel manufacturing company having a large number of women employees was losing sales due to various factors. The company hired a reputed marketing executive, who increased the volume of sales within a short span of time. However, some unconfirmed reports came up regarding his indulgence in sexual harassment at the workplace. After sometime a women employee launched a formal complaint to the management against the marketing executive about sexually harassing her. Faced with the companies’ indifference, in not taking cognizance of her grievances, she lodged an FIR with the police. Realizing the sensitivity and gravity of the situation, the company called the women employee to negotiate. In that she was offered a hefty sum of money to withdraw the complaint and the FIR and also give in writing that the marketing executive is not involved in the case. Identify the ethical issues involved in this case. What options are available to the women employee? (250 words)

Ethical issues involved in the case:

  1. Sexual harassment: The marketing executive is alleged to have indulged in sexual harassment at the workplace, which is an unethical and illegal act.
  2. Indifference of the management: The management of the company did not take cognizance of the employee’s grievances, which is an unethical act.
  3. Bribery: The company offered a hefty sum of money to the women employee to withdraw the complaint and the FIR, which is an unethical act.

Options available to the women employee:

  1. File a complaint with the appropriate authorities: The women employee can file a complaint with the police or other appropriate authorities to seek justice.
  2. Seek legal help: The women employee can seek legal help from a lawyer to fight her case.
  3. Refuse the bribe: The women employee can refuse the bribe offered by the company and pursue her case legally.
  4. Seek support from women’s organizations: The women employee can seek support from women’s organizations to get justice.

The case highlights the ethical issues involved in the workplace and the options available to women employees when faced with such situations. It is important for organizations to have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and other unethical practices at the workplace. Women employees should be encouraged to speak up against such practices and provided with support and protection to ensure their safety and well-being.

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