How will I2U2 (India, Israel, UAE and USA) grouping transform India’s position in global politics? (250 words) [2022]

The I2U2 alliance established in 2021, comprising India, Israel, UAE, and the USA, is a unique partnership that aims to address global challenges and promote economic cooperation among its member countries. This alliance is likely to reshape India’s role in global politics in several ways:

1. Economic Cooperation

  • The I2U2 alliance focuses on joint investments in six mutually identified areas: water, energy, transportation, space, health, and food security.
  • This will provide India with opportunities to collaborate and assist other member countries in these key areas, boosting its economic growth and influence.

2. Strategic Autonomy

  • India’s participation in the I2U2 alliance allows it to maintain its strategic autonomy while playing a global leadership role alongside the US.
  • This enables India to engage with Israel and other Arab countries beyond bilateral means, benefiting economically, socially, and geopolitically in the region.

3. Regional Integration

  • The I2U2 alliance reinforces the goal of promoting regional integration in the Middle East, with India acting as a linchpin connecting West Asia and South Asia.
  • This positions India as a critical partner in the Indo-Pacific region, further strengthening its role in global politics.

4. Diplomatic and Infrastructural Connectivity

  • Deepening ties with the West Asia region presents holistic diplomatic and infrastructural connectivity channels for India, benefiting both the large Indian diaspora in West Asia and India’s own economic and political interests.

5. Food Security

  • The I2U2 alliance has committed to building agricultural parks in India, which will produce agricultural items in line with the standards and quality requirements of the forum’s member countries.
  • This will help address food shortages in Israel and the UAE while managing India’s food surplus.

In conclusion, the I2U2 alliance is likely to reshape India’s role in global politics by enhancing its economic cooperation, strategic autonomy, regional integration, and diplomatic and infrastructural connectivity. Additionally, the alliance will address food security challenges in the region, further solidifying India’s position as a key player in global politics.

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