Examine the uniqueness of the tribal knowledge system when compared with mainstream knowledge and cultural systems. (150 words) [2021]

Tribal knowledge systems are forms of knowledge that are passed down orally through generations, and they can include a wide range of knowledge about natural history, agriculture, herbal medicine, and spiritual beliefs. These systems are often closely tied to the natural environment and view the world as interconnected and interdependent, with all living things having a role to play in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

In contrast, mainstream knowledge systems are often more abstract and focused on scientific principles that are not always directly related to the natural world. They are also often more reductionist and focused on understanding the world through individual disciplines or fields of study.

It is important to recognize and preserve tribal knowledge systems, as they offer a unique and valuable perspective on the world that can provide valuable insights and solutions to many of the challenges facing our world today.

Mind map notes for UPSC
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