How is science interwoven deeply with our lives? What are the striking changes in agriculture triggered off by the science-based technologies? (150 words)

Science is deeply interwoven with our lives in countless ways, from the technologies we use every day, to the medicines we take, to the food we eat. Science has played a crucial role in shaping our modern world, and it continues to drive progress and innovation in a wide range of fields.

One of the areas where science has had a particularly significant impact is agriculture. Science-based technologies have enabled major changes in the way that crops are grown and animals are raised, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Some of the key changes in agriculture triggered by science-based technologies include:

  • The use of genetically modified crops: Science has enabled the development of crops that are resistant to pests and diseases, which can reduce the need for pesticides and improve crop yields.
  • The use of precision agriculture: Science has also enabled the use of precision agriculture techniques, such as GPS-guided machinery and satellite imagery, which can help farmers to optimize their use of resources and improve crop yields.
  • The use of animal genetics: Science has also led to advances in animal genetics, which have enabled the development of more productive and disease-resistant livestock.

Overall, science has had a major impact on agriculture, and it continues to play a crucial role in driving progress and innovation in the sector.

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