Cross-border movement of insurgents is only one of the several security challenges facing the policing of the border in North-East India. Examine the various challenges currently emanating across the India-Myanmar border. Also, discuss the steps to counter the challenges. (250 words)

The India-Myanmar border stretches over 1600 km and poses several security challenges to India. Some of the major challenges are:

  1. Insurgency: The border region is home to several insurgent groups, which operate on both sides of the border. These groups often take shelter in Myanmar and launch attacks in India.
  2. Drug trafficking: The border region is a major transit route for drug trafficking. Myanmar is a major producer of narcotics, and the drugs are smuggled into India through the border.
  3. Illegal immigration: The border region is also a major entry point for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar.
  4. Arms smuggling: The border region is a major transit route for arms smuggling. Insurgent groups often smuggle arms from Myanmar into India.

To counter these challenges, the Indian government has taken several steps, including:

  1. Border fencing: The government has undertaken the construction of border fencing along the India-Myanmar border to prevent illegal immigration and infiltration by insurgents.
  2. Increased surveillance: The government has increased surveillance along the border using drones and other high-tech equipment to detect and prevent cross-border movement by insurgents.
  3. Bilateral cooperation: The government has strengthened its bilateral cooperation with Myanmar to counter insurgency and other security challenges. The two countries have increased their intelligence-sharing mechanisms and have undertaken joint operations against insurgent groups.
  4. Strengthening law enforcement agencies: The government has also strengthened its law enforcement agencies, including the police, paramilitary forces, and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), to counter insurgency and other security challenges.

Despite these measures, several challenges persist, and the government needs to continue to address them to ensure the security and integrity of the border region.

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