“Climate Action Tracker” which monitors the emission reduction pledges of different countries is a:

(a) Database created by coalition of research organisations

(b) Wing of “International Panel of Climate Change

(c) Committee under “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”

(d) Agency promoted and financed by United Nations Environment Programme and World Bank


The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is a: (a) Database created by a coalition of research organizations

The Climate Action Tracker is an independent scientific analysis produced by two research organizations, Climate Analytics and NewClimate Institute, which have been tracking climate action since 2009.

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  • The CAT tracks climate pledges and policies of 32 countries, covering around 80% of global emissions, including all the biggest emitters and a representative sample of smaller emitters.
  • The analysis focuses on government climate action pledged to the UNFCCC, the policies a government has implemented to meet its commitments, and whether a government is doing its “fair share” compared with others.
  • CAT quantifies and evaluates climate change mitigation targets, policies, and action. It also aggregates country action to the global level, determining likely temperature increases during the 21st century using the MAGICC climate model.
  • The CAT assesses the total global effort of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), pledges, and current policies on global warming over the 21st century and global emissions pathways consistent with government actions.
  • The Paris Agreement’s long-term goals are to hold the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C, pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5°C, and achieve net-zero emissions in the second half of this century. The CAT helps governments, the media, and observers interpret the commitments of countries under the Paris Agreement.

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