Biorock or mineral accretion technology

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The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), with help from Gujarat’s forest department, is trying for the first time a process to restore coral reefs utilizing bio rock or mineral accretion technology in the Gulf of Kachchh.

What is Biorock?

It is the name assigned to the substance formed by electro accumulation of minerals dissolved in seawater on steel structures that are fallen onto the sea bed and are linked to a power source, in this case, solar panels that float on the surface.

How they are formed?

  1. The technology works by passing a small amount of electrical current via electrodes in the water.
  2. When a positively charged anode and negatively charged cathode are placed on the sea floor, with an electric current flowing between them, calcium ions combine with carbonate ions and stick to the structure (cathode).
  3. This leads to calcium carbonate formation. Coral larvae stick to the CaCO3 and grow fast.
  4. Fragments of broken corals are hooked to the biorock structure, where they are able to grow at least four to six times faster than their actual growth since they need not spend their energy on building their own calcium carbonate skeletons.

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