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Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojna

This topic of “Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojna” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.


A scheme for the construction of hostels to enable and encourage SC students to attain quality education, especially those hailing from rural and remote areas of the country.


Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

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  • To attract implementing agencies to undertake the construction of hostels, especially for SC girls, towards the broader vision of containment and reduction of their dropout rate.
  • To have a girls/boys hostel with a capacity of 100 seats in every block headquarters of low literacy districts not having one as of now, by way of priority.
  • To repair and maintain hostels properly.
  • To have an effective mechanism for monitoring, review, etc.


  • 100% central assistance for girls’ hostels
  • 50% central assistance for boys’ hostels to State Governments on a matching share basis
  • 100% central assistance to UT Administrations
  • 90% central assistance to Central Universities/Institutions
  • 45% central assistance to State Universities/Institutions
  • Priority to integrated hostels (part of established educational institutions) over stand-alone hostels
  • Focus on the construction of hostels for middle and higher secondary levels of education
  • Construction of boundary walls, two rooms set quarter for hostel wardens, and one room set for Chowkidars/ Lady Guards would be an integral part of the scheme.


Eligibility for Hostels

  • SC students from areas having a concentration of SC population of 15% and more, and without adequate hostel facilities for SC students.
  • Top-performing Government schools not having any hostels at present.
  • SC girls in areas having low SC female literacy.
  • Middle and higher secondary levels of education. However, hostels can also be constructed under the scheme for college and university levels of education.

Eligibility for Implementing Agencies

  • State Governments
  • Union Territory Administrations
  • Central & State Universities/Institutions

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