As a senior officer in the Ministry, you have access to important policy decisions and upcoming big announcements such as road constructions projects before they are notified in the public domain. The Ministry is about to announce a mega road project for which the drawings are already in place. Sufficient care was taken by the planners to make use of the government land with the minimum land acquisition from private parties. Compensation rate for private parties was also finalized as per government rules. Care was also taken to minimize deforestation. Once the project is announced, it is expected that there will be a huge spurt in real estate prices in and around that area. Meanwhile, the Minister concerned insists that you realign the road in such a way that it comes closer to his 20 acres farmhouse. He also suggests that he would facilitate the purchase of a big plot of land in your wife name at the prevailing rate which is very nominal, in and around the proposed mega road project. He also tries to convince you by saying that there is no harm in it as he is buying the land legally. He even promises to supplement your savings in case you do not have sufficient funds to buy the land. However, by the act of realignment, a lot of agricultural lands has to be acquired, thereby causing a considerable financial burden on the government, and also the displacement of the farmers. As if this is not enough, it will involve cutting down of a large number of trees denuding the area of its green cover.
Faced with this situation, what will you do? Critically examine various conflicts of interest and explain what your responsibilities are as a public servant. (250 words)

As a senior officer in the Ministry, I am faced with a conflict of interest situation where the Minister concerned is seeking to realign a proposed road project in a way that benefits him personally. This conflict of interest is compounded by the fact that the realignment will result in the acquisition of more agricultural lands, the displacement of farmers, and the deforestation of the area.

The conflicts of interest in this situation are:

  1. Personal interest versus public interest: The Minister is seeking to benefit personally by having the road realigned closer to his farmhouse, which conflicts with the public interest in using government land with minimal private land acquisition and minimizing deforestation.
  2. Legal interest versus ethical interest: The Minister is suggesting that the land purchase would be legal, but it is not ethical as it would constitute an abuse of power and position.
  3. Individual interest versus collective interest: The Minister is seeking personal gain at the expense of the collective interest of the community, which is to have a well-planned and executed road project that minimizes environmental damage and farmer displacement.

As a public servant, my responsibilities in this situation are:

  1. Upholding the principles of integrity, impartiality, and non-partisanship in decision-making.
  2. Ensuring that decisions are guided by the public interest and the objectives of the government policy.
  3. Reporting any potential or actual conflict of interest to the appropriate authorities.

In this situation, I would reject the Minister’s request to realign the road project and refuse the offer of land purchase. Instead, I would advocate for the original plan, which minimizes private land acquisition and deforestation, and prioritize the interests of the community and the environment.

If the Minister persists in his request, I would report the matter to the appropriate authorities and seek guidance on how to proceed. I would also ensure that my decision-making is transparent and informed by ethical principles, and that I am accountable for my actions.

In conclusion, conflicts of interest can arise in public administration, and it is the responsibility of public servants to act with integrity, impartiality, and in the public interest. In this situation, the original road project plan should be upheld, and any attempts to compromise it for personal gain should be reported and dealt with appropriately.

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