Analyse internal security threats and transborder crimes along Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan borders including Line of Control (LoC). Also, discuss the role played by various security forces in this regard. (250 words)

Internal security threats and transborder crimes in India along its borders with Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, including the Line of Control (LoC), pose significant challenges to the country.

Some of the major threats and crimes that have been witnessed in these regions include:

  • Terrorism: India faces a threat from terrorist groups based in Pakistan and Afghanistan that have carried out attacks on Indian soil. There have also been instances of terrorism along the border with Bangladesh, as well as cross-border infiltration by terrorists from Myanmar.
  • Smuggling: Illicit trade in drugs, arms, and other goods is common along India’s borders, and is often carried out by organized criminal networks.
  • Human trafficking: India’s borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar are vulnerable to human trafficking, with individuals being smuggled across for various purposes including forced labor and sexual exploitation.
  • Infiltration: Illegal immigration is a concern along India’s borders, particularly with Bangladesh. This can pose a security threat and strain resources and infrastructure.
  • Insurgency: Separatist groups seeking independence or greater autonomy have led to ongoing conflicts and violence along India’s borders with Pakistan and Myanmar.

Role played by various security forces include:

  • The Army is responsible for defending the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty against external threats. Along the border with Pakistan and China, the army works to maintain security and stability in the region and prevent transborder crimes like smuggling and infiltration.
  • The Border Security Force (BSF) is responsible for securing India’s international borders and preventing these types of crimes.
  • The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) provides security to critical infrastructure and vital installations across the country, including those along the border with Pakistan.
  • The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) works to maintain law and order, as well as counter internal security threats and transborder crimes, along the border with Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
  • The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is a border patrol agency that secures the border with Tibet and works to prevent transborder crimes along the border with China.
  • The Assam Rifles, which is made up of army personnel and officers, is responsible for guarding the border with Myanmar.

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