A building permitted for three floors, while being extended illegally for 6 floors by a builder, collapses. As a consequence, a number of innocent labourers including women and children died. These labourers are migrants of different places. The government immediately announced cash relief to the aggrieved families and arrested the builder. Give reasons for such incidents taking place across the country. Suggest measures to prevent their occurrence. (250 words)

The tragic incident involves the illegal extension of a building that led to its collapse, resulting in the loss of innocent lives, including migrant laborers. The government has offered immediate relief and arrested the builder. This incident is not isolated but symptomatic of broader systemic issues.

Reasons for Occurrence:

Lax Regulation:

  • Inadequate Oversight: Government bodies often lack resources to monitor every construction project, leading to unauthorized extensions.
  • Corruption: Bribes can lead to overlooks in safety checks, permitting illegal structures.

Economic Pressures:

  • Profit Motive: Builders maximize profits by adding unauthorized floors, cutting corners on safety.
  • Labor Exploitation: Migrant laborers, often unaware of legalities, are employed in hazardous conditions.

Social Factors:

  • Ignorance: General lack of awareness among citizens about the dangers of illegal construction.
  • Population Pressure: Rapid urbanization creates demand for housing, incentivizing illegal construction.

Measures to Prevent Occurrence:

Strengthen Oversight:

  • Frequent Audits: Routine inspections can keep builders in check.
  • Digitization: Utilize technology to monitor building permits and construction statuses.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • Public Records: Make building permits and safety records publicly accessible.
  • Whistleblower Protection: Encourage reporting of illegal activities with robust protection mechanisms.

Public Awareness:

  • Safety Campaigns: Educate citizens about the risks involved in living or working in unauthorized buildings.
  • Community Vigilance: Local communities can be empowered to report suspicious building activities.

Legal Reforms:

  • Stricter Penalties: Implement harsher punishments for violating construction regulations.
  • Fast-Track Courts: Expedite legal processes for construction-related offenses to act as a deterrent.

In summary, illegal building activities and their tragic outcomes stem from a combination of lax regulation, economic pressures, and social factors. To prevent such incidents, a multi-pronged approach involving stronger oversight, enhanced transparency, public awareness, and legal reforms is essential.

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