[Disaster Series] Heatwave in India and its Management

Reading Time: 5 mins Heatwaves emerged as one of the major weather hazards in India. In 2019, 19 states were affected by the phenomenon. Consequently, there is an urgent need to evaluate impacts of the heatwave and plan adaptation and mitigation strategies for prevention, preparedness and community outreach to safeguard human life, livestock, and wildlife.

[Disaster Series] Floods and its Management in India

Reading Time: 7 mins India is immensely vulnerable to floods. Flood is a disastrous occurrence causing a huge loss of lives and damage property, infrastructure and public utilities. It is a cause for concern that the flood-related damages are showing an increasing trend. Hence the study of flood management is an important aspect of disaster management.

[Disaster Series] Drought in India & its Management

Reading Time: 7 mins Drought is a recurrent calamity that has grappled India over decades and centuries. An isolated subcontinent of India provides for unique climate conditions coupled with the variety in geography, the characteristic southwest monsoon has dealt with severe drought conditions in the past. The developmental needs, increasing population and climate change have been creating conditions of drought. The drought and its management is important governance and developmental issue.

[Disaster Series] Earthquakes and its Management in India

Reading Time: 7 mins Among the disasters earthquakes are by far the most unpredictable and destructible. India has seen some of the greatest earthquakes in the last century. The turning of the century brought devastating Bhuj earthquake in 2001. Earthquakes are a prominent danger in India’s disaster profile which has caused huge loss of life and material. The recent Nepal earthquake once again brought forth the question of earthquake preparedness.

Australian Bushfire Crisis – All You Need to Know

Reading Time: 7 mins The on-going Australia bushfires have already destroyed millions of acres of land, making it worse than that of the last year’s Amazon rainforest fire. The blaze due to these fires have turned the skies orange and made breathing air in Sydney equivalent to smoking 19 cigarettes. It is hard to even fathom the impact on the land and biodiversity. An estimated 1 billion animals have died and the scientists fear long-term damage to many sensitive ecosystems. This is one of the many symptoms of global warming and the blaze may even contribute to it. This disaster is a warning to the world that the extreme fire events like this one will only grow more likely to occur.

[Premium] Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) – The Debate on Development vs. Conservation

Reading Time: 5 mins The Union cabinet has recently approved the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notification, 2018 with periodic amendments to some clauses. It sparked the debate on development vs. environmental safeguards.

Green Building – The Key to Good Health and Environment

Reading Time: 4 mins The green buildings in India constitute less than 2%. However, there is a great opportunity to increase that number since about 60% of the country’s infrastructure is yet to be put in place in the next 20 years. Moreover, the government is also planning to launch a global green construction challenge to promote Green buildings in the country.  In this article, we will discuss the concept of Green Building, its benefits, implementation challenges and progress in India.