With reference to the sectors of the Indian economy, consider the following pairs:

Economic activitySector
1. Storage of agricultural produceSecondary
2. Dairy farmPrimary
3. Mineral explorationTertiary
4. Weaving clothSecondary

How many of the pairs given above are correctly matched?
(a) Only one
(b) Only two
(c) Only three
(d) All four

The correct answer is (b) Only two.


  • Pair 1: Storage of agricultural produce – Secondary
    • Incorrect. Storage of agricultural produce falls under the tertiary sector as it involves services related to the storage and preservation of goods, which support the primary and secondary sectors.
  • Pair 2: Dairy farm – Primary
    • Correct. Dairy farming is part of the primary sector as it involves the extraction and collection of natural resources, specifically milk from animals.
  • Pair 3: Mineral exploration – Tertiary
    • Incorrect. Mineral exploration is part of the primary sector as it involves the extraction of natural resources from the earth.
  • Pair 4: Weaving cloth – Secondary
    • Correct. Weaving cloth is part of the secondary sector as it involves the transformation of raw materials (yarn) into finished goods (cloth).

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  • Primary Sector:
    • Involves the extraction and harvesting of natural resources.
    • Examples include agriculture, mining, fishing, forestry, and dairy farming.
    • Contributes significantly to the GDP in many developing countries.
    • Faces issues like underemployment and disguised employment.
  • Secondary Sector:
    • Involves the transformation of raw materials into finished goods.
    • Includes manufacturing, construction, and industries like weaving cloth.
    • Adds value to products and is crucial for economic development.

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