Why is India considered a subcontinent? Elaborate on your answer. (150 words) [2021]

India is considered a subcontinent because it is a large landmass that is geographically and culturally distinct from the rest of Asia. It is separated from the rest of the continent by the Himalayan mountain range and the Hindu Kush mountain range, which form a natural barrier between India and the rest of Asia.

India is also culturally and linguistically diverse, with over 1,600 languages spoken within its borders. The country has a long and rich history, with a diverse array of cultural traditions and religious practices. It is home to a number of major world religions, including Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

India is also home to a number of unique physical features, including the Thar Desert, the Western Ghats mountain range, and the Ganges River. These physical features, along with the country’s diverse culture and history, contribute to India’s status as a subcontinent.

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