Which one of the following is the correct description of “100 Million Farmers”?

(a) It is a platform for accelerating the transition towards food and water systems that are net-zero (carbon), nature-positive and that aims to increase farmer resilience.

(b) It is an international alliance and a network of individuals and farming organizations interested in supporting and strengthening the development of the organic animal husbandry.

(c) It is a digital platform fully integrated with service providers and built on blockchain that lets buyers, sellers and third parties trade fertilizers quickly and securely.

(d) It is a platform with the mission of encouraging the farmers to form Farmer Product Organizations or Agribusiness Consortiums, thus facilitating the access to global open markets to sell their products.

Correct Answer:(a) It is a platform for accelerating the transition towards food and water systems that are net-zero (carbon), nature-positive and that aims to increase farmer resilience.


  • Option (a) is correct. The “100 Million Farmers” initiative is a multistakeholder platform aimed at transitioning to net-zero, nature-positive food systems by 2030. It supports local solutions that incentivize farmers and empower consumers to place climate, nature, and resilience at the core of the food economy.
  • Option (b) is incorrect. This description matches the IFOAM International Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA), which is a network focused on organic animal husbandry.
  • Option (c) is incorrect. This description pertains to the Fertilizer Exchange platform, which is a blockchain-enabled trading platform for the fertilizer industry.
  • Option (d) is incorrect. This description aligns with the Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), which promotes the formation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) to facilitate access to markets.

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  • 100 Million Farmers Initiative:
    • Objective: To transition to net-zero, nature-positive food systems by 2030.
    • Stakeholders: Involves public and private leaders, farmers, and consumers.
    • Approach: Operates through regional and national coalitions that develop public-private projects to promote sustainable agriculture.
    • Goals:
      • Climate and Nature: Position food and farmers as central pillars in the global climate and nature agenda.
      • Resilience: Increase farmer resilience by adopting regenerative and climate-smart practices.
      • Collaboration: Facilitate pre-competitive collaboration among value chain companies to aggregate demand for environmental outcomes and improved farm resilience.
    • Implementation: Supports local solutions and incentivizes farmers to adopt sustainable practices, aiming to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production.
  • IFOAM International Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA):
    • Focus: Development of organic animal husbandry.
    • Activities: Organizes conferences, workshops, and provides policy recommendations.
  • Fertilizer Exchange:
    • Platform: A blockchain-enabled trading platform for the fertilizer industry.
    • Purpose: To facilitate secure and reliable trading of fertilizers.
  • Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC):
    • Mission: To increase incomes of small and marginal farmers through the formation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).
    • Activities: Provides financial support, market linkages, and implements the National Agriculture Market Electronic Trading (e-Nam) platform.

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