What are the maritime security challenges in India? Discuss the organisational, technical and procedural initiatives taken to improve the maritime security. (150 words) [2022]

India faces a number of maritime security challenges, including piracy, terrorism, smuggling, and illegal fishing. These challenges pose a threat to the country’s economic and strategic interests, and can have a negative impact on the safety and security of shipping and the maritime environment.

To address these challenges, India has taken a number of organisational, technical, and procedural initiatives to improve its maritime security. These initiatives include the establishment of a maritime security agency, the Indian Coast Guard, which is responsible for enforcing maritime law and maintaining the safety and security of the country’s maritime domain. Additionally, the country has developed a number of technical capabilities, such as surveillance systems, naval assets, and air assets, to enhance its ability to detect and respond to maritime threats.

India has also implemented a number of procedural measures to improve its maritime security, such as the development of standard operating procedures for the maritime security agencies, the implementation of security protocols for ports and shipping, and the establishment of partnerships with other countries and regional organizations to enhance cooperation and coordination on maritime security issues.

Overall, these initiatives have helped to improve India’s maritime security and enhance its ability to detect and respond to a range of maritime threats. However, the country continues to face a number of challenges, and will need to maintain a strong and comprehensive approach to addressing these challenges in the future.

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