“There is a need for simplification of Procedure for disqualification of persons found guilty of corrupt practices under the Representation of Peoples Act”. Comment (150 words)

  • The procedure for disqualification of individuals found guilty of corrupt practices under the Representation of the People Act (RPA) is complex and consists of many different and connected parts
  • Specifically, Section 8A of the RPA deals with the disqualification of individuals on the grounds of corrupt practices, and involves the submission of the case of every person found guilty of a corrupt practice by the High Court to the President for determination of disqualification and the duration of such disqualification
  • This process involves multiple steps and parties, and is further complicated by the fact that Section 123 of the RPA lists what are considered to be corrupt practices, which may need to be revised or updated over time
  • To address the complexity of the disqualification procedure under the RPA, there is a need for simplification and reform
  • This could involve streamlining the steps involved in the disqualification process, making it clearer and more straightforward, and reducing the number of steps or parties involved
  • Other possible reforms could include making the disqualification process more transparent, increasing the accountability of those involved, and providing more support and resources to those facing disqualification
  • Simplification of the procedure for disqualification under the RPA could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, and make it easier to enforce the provisions of the Act, ultimately helping to promote integrity and good governance.

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