Sub-mission On Agriculture Mechanization

This topic of “Sub-mission On Agriculture Mechanization” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.


  • Agricultural machines increase productivity with timely and precise fieldwork
  • The scheme aims to promote farm mechanization and increase the ratio of farm power to cultivable unit area up to 2.5 kW/ha
  • The scheme will be implemented in all Indian states

Which Ministry

  • Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

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  • Provide agricultural machinery to poor and economically weak farmers
  • Enhance the reach of farm mechanization to small & marginal farmers and low-mechanized regions
  • Promote ‘Custom Hiring Centres’ to mitigate adverse economies of scale caused due to small landholding and the high cost of individual ownership
  • Generate awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity-building activities
  • Develop hubs for hi-tech & high-value farm equipment
  • Ensure performance testing and certification at designated testing centres
  • Provide subsidies ranging from 50 to 80 percent for buying agricultural machinery
  • Give priority to women farmers


  • Subsidies on agricultural machinery for farmers
  • Low cost of equipment
  • Increase in yield with less cost of equipment
  • Increased income for farmers


  • All landholding farmers’ families, Self Help Groups (SHGs), User Groups, Cooperative Societies, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Entrepreneurs
  • Native of India
  • Women farmers given priority
  • Financially weak farmers
  • Farmers who have not taken the benefit of subsidy from any other central scheme earlier

Implementation Strategy

  • Conduct performance testing for various farm machineries and equipment at designated testing centres
  • Promote farm mechanization among stakeholders by way of on-field and off-field training and demonstrations
  • Provide financial assistance to farmers for procurement of farm machinery and implements
  • Establish custom hiring centres of the location and crop-specific farm machinery and implements
  • Provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers for hiring machinery and implements in low-mechanized regions
  • Promotion of farm machinery and equipment in the North-Eastern Region

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