Strength, peace and security are considered to be the pillars of international relations. Elucidate. (150 Words)

International relations are often built upon three key pillars: strength, peace, and security. These elements contribute to a stable global environment and foster cooperation among nations.


  • Military power: Nations maintain strong defense forces to protect their interests and deter potential threats.
  • Economic power: A robust economy enables countries to exert influence and support their strategic objectives.


  • Diplomacy: Diplomatic efforts help resolve conflicts and promote understanding among nations.
  • International law: Adherence to international norms and treaties fosters a rules-based global order.


  • Collective security: Alliances and partnerships enhance the security of member states and deter aggression.
  • Non-proliferation: Efforts to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction contribute to global stability.

In summary, strength, peace, and security are essential components of international relations, as they create a foundation for cooperation and stability. By focusing on these pillars, nations can work together to address global challenges and promote a more harmonious world.

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