Labour Bureau – Objectives & Functions

  1. Labour Bureau of India was established in 1946 under the Ministry of Labour and Employment.
  2. Its main objective is to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate statistical information related to labour and employment.
  3. It conducts regular surveys on employment and industrial disputes, wages, working conditions, etc.
  4. It also provides advice to the Government on labour and employment related policy issues.
  5. It is responsible for the publication of the Annual Report on the Condition of Workers in India.
  6. It provides technical assistance to the various State Governments for the implementation of labour laws.
  7. It has conducted several studies on the impact of economic reforms on the labour market.
  8. It also organizes training programmes, seminars and workshops.
  9. It has developed several software tools to facilitate the data analysis and dissemination of labour market information.

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