Intelligence Bureau: Objectives, Functions, Powers

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  • Established in 1887
  • Until 1968, it handled both domestic and foreign intelligence. After which,
    • Research and Analysis Wing was formed specifically for foreign intelligence
    • IB was primarily assigned the role of domestic intelligence and internal security.
  • Under Department of Internal Security (Ministry of Home Affairs).
  • Functions
    • Garner intelligence from within India.
    • Execute counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism tasks.
    • IB is particularly tasked with intelligence collection in border areas following the 1951 recommendations of the Himmat Singh Ji Committee (also known as the North and North-East Border Committee). This task was entrusted to the military intelligence organisations prior to independence in 1947.
    • All spheres of human activity within India and in the neighborhood are allocated to the charter of duties of the Intelligence Bureau.

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