In which one of the following regions was Dhanyakataka, which flourished as a prominent Buddhist centre under the Mahasanghikas, located?

(a) Andhra
(b) Gandhara
(c) Kalinga
(d) Magadha


  • Dhanyakataka, also known as Dhanakataka or Dharanikota, was an ancient city located in present-day Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh, India. It was an important Buddhist center during the ancient and medieval periods.
  • The Satavahana dynasty ruled a major part of South India from the 2nd century BCE to the 3rd century CE.
    • Dhanyakataka gained prominence as a Buddhist center during their rule.
    • The Satavahanas were known for their patronage of Buddhism.
  • Dhanyakataka became a significant site for Buddhist monasticism.
    • It housed numerous monasteries, stupas, and educational institutions.
    • Scholars and monks from different parts of India and other regions were attracted to the city.
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