How many Delimitation Commissions have been constituted by the Government of India till December 2023?

(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Four

Correct Answer: (d) Four

  • Four Delimitation Commissions have been constituted by the Government of India till December 2023.


  • Option (a) One: This is incorrect. The first Delimitation Commission was constituted in 1952, but there have been more since then.
  • Option (b) Two: This is incorrect. The second Delimitation Commission was constituted in 1963, but there have been additional commissions after that.
  • Option (c) Three: This is incorrect. The third Delimitation Commission was constituted in 1973, but there was another one after that.
  • Option (d) Four: This is correct. The four Delimitation Commissions were constituted in 1952, 1963, 1973, and 2002.

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  • Delimitation: The process of fixing limits or boundaries of territorial constituencies in a country to represent changes in population.
  • Purpose: To ensure equal representation for equal segments of the population and to follow the principle of “One Vote One Value”.
  • Constitutional Basis: Under Article 82, Parliament enacts a Delimitation Act after every Census. Article 170 provides for the division of states into territorial constituencies.
  • Composition: The Delimitation Commission is appointed by the President of India and includes a retired Supreme Court judge, the Chief Election Commissioner, and respective State Election Commissioners.
  • Powers: The Commission’s orders have the force of law and cannot be challenged in any court. The orders are laid before the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies but cannot be modified.
  • History: Delimitation Commissions have been set up four times: in 1952, 1963, 1973, and 2002. The most recent delimitation was based on the 2001 Census.
  • Challenges: Issues include disparities in constituency sizes and the impact of population control measures on political representation. The Constitution has capped the number of seats in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to address these issues.
  • Future: The next delimitation is expected after the 2026 Census, following the 84th Amendment to the Constitution.

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