Do you think marriage as a sacrament is losing its value in Modern India? (150 words)

Marriage as a sacrament is perceived to be losing its value in Modern India due to various socio-cultural and economic factors. Here are some reasons for this shift:

  • Changing social values: With increasing urbanization and globalization, traditional values are evolving, and individualism is on the rise, leading to a reevaluation of the importance of marriage as a sacrament.
  • Education and career: Higher education and career aspirations have led to delayed marriages and a focus on personal growth and development before settling down.
  • Inter-caste and interfaith marriages: There is a growing acceptance of inter-caste and interfaith marriages, which challenges the traditional norms associated with marriage as a sacrament.
  • Arranged marriages vs. love marriages: The preference for love marriages over arranged marriages has increased, reflecting a shift in attitudes towards personal choice and compatibility.
  • Legal reforms: Changes in personal laws, such as the introduction of divorce and the recognition of live-in relationships, have altered the perception of marriage as an indissoluble bond.
  • Women’s empowerment: With increased participation in education and the workforce, women are becoming more independent and assertive in their choices, including the decision to marry or remain single.

Despite these changes, marriage continues to hold cultural significance in India, and many people still view it as a sacred institution. However, the evolving socio-cultural landscape has undoubtedly influenced the perception of marriage as a sacrament in Modern India.

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