Discuss the role of the Competition Commission of India in containing the abuse of dominant position by the Multi-National Corporations in India. Refer to the recent decisions. (150 words)

The Competition Commission of India (CCI), established in 2003, enforces competition law in India, aiming to promote competition and safeguard consumer interests. It investigates and penalizes anti-competitive practices, including dominant position abuse.

CCI’s Role: The CCI combats MNC abuse of dominant positions by:

  • Investigating and Penalizing: It investigates and penalizes MNCs engaging in anti-competitive practices like price fixing, bid rigging, and market division.
  • Reviewing Mergers and Acquisitions: The CCI reviews MNC mergers and acquisitions to protect Indian market competition.
  • Promoting Competition Awareness: By educating consumers and businesses about their Competition Act rights, the CCI fosters a competitive Indian environment, making MNC dominance more challenging.

Recent Decisions: Recent CCI decisions against MNCs include:

  • WhatsApp: A ₹1,950 crore fine in 2023 for privacy policy imposition.
  • Google: A ₹1,337 crore fine in 2022 for unfair terms and app developer restrictions.
  • Amazon: A ₹2,023 crore fine in 2021 for favoring its sellers and hindering competition.

Conclusion: The CCI’s vital role in restraining MNC dominance is evident through investigations, penalties, merger reviews, and advocacy. These efforts enhance competition in India and deter MNCs from exploiting their dominant positions.

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