Consider the following pairs:

CountryReason for being in the news
1. ArgentinaWorst economic crisis
2. SudanWar between the country’s regular army and paramilitary forces
3. TurkeyRescinded its membership of NATO

How many of the pairs given above are correctly matched?

(a) Only one pair
(b) Only two pairs
(c) All three pairs
(d) None of the pairs

Correct Answer: (b) Only two pairs


  • Pair 1: Argentina – Worst economic crisis
    • Correct: Argentina is indeed experiencing one of the worst economic crises, characterized by soaring inflation, high poverty rates, and significant fiscal deficits. The country has been grappling with severe economic instability, with inflation rates reaching alarming levels and economic activity plunging.
  • Pair 2: Sudan – War between the country’s regular army and paramilitary forces
    • Correct: Sudan is embroiled in a devastating war between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). This conflict has led to significant loss of life, displacement, and a severe humanitarian crisis.
  • Pair 3: Turkey – Rescinded its membership of NATO
    • Incorrect: Turkey has not rescinded its membership of NATO. Although there have been discussions and political tensions, Turkey remains a member of NATO and has recently approved Sweden’s membership bid.

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  • Argentina’s Economic Crisis:
    • Inflation: Argentina has one of the highest inflation rates in the world, with annual inflation reaching 287% in March 2024.
    • Fiscal Deficits: Persistent fiscal deficits have plagued the country, with the government defaulting on its sovereign debt multiple times.
    • Economic Reforms: President Javier Milei’s administration has implemented aggressive fiscal and monetary reforms to stabilize the economy, including reducing public spending and aiming for a fiscal surplus.
  • Sudan’s War:
    • Conflict Origins: The war in Sudan began in April 2023 due to a power struggle between the SAF and the RSF, following a military coup in 2021.
    • Humanitarian Crisis: The conflict has resulted in nearly 16,000 deaths, massive displacement, and severe food insecurity, with millions of people affected.
    • International Response: Despite the severity of the crisis, international attention and aid have been limited, exacerbating the humanitarian situation.
  • Turkey and NATO:
    • Membership Status: Turkey remains a member of NATO and has not rescinded its membership. The country has been involved in negotiations and has recently approved Sweden’s bid to join NATO.
    • Political Tensions: Turkey’s relations with NATO have been strained due to various geopolitical issues, but it continues to be an active member of the alliance.

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