Consider the following pairs:

Site of Ashoka’s major rock edictsLocated in the State of
1. Dhauli– Odisha
2. Erragudi– Andhra Pradesh
3. Jaugada– Madhya Pradesh
4. Kalsi– Karnataka

How many pairs given above are correctly matched?

(a) Only one pair

(b) Only two pairs

(c) Only three pairs

(d) All four pairs


The correct answer is: Only two pairs. Let’s analyze the given options:

  • Dhauli – Odisha: This pair is correctly matched. Dhauli is located in Odisha and has Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka.
  • Erragudi – Andhra Pradesh: This pair is also correctly matched. Erragudi is located in Andhra Pradesh and has Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka.
  • Jaugada – Madhya Pradesh: This pair is incorrectly matched. Jaugada is located in Odisha, not Madhya Pradesh.
  • Kalsi – Karnataka: This pair is also incorrectly matched. Kalsi is located in Uttarakhand, not Karnataka.

So out of the 4 given pairs, only Dhauli-Odisha and Erragudi-Andhra Pradesh are correctly matched. Hence, the answer is: Only two pairs.

Learn more

Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka

  • Ashoka inscribed 14 Major Rock Edicts across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal around 250 BCE.
  • Some locations:
    • Dhauli, Odisha
    • Jaugada, Odisha
    • Erragudi, Andhra Pradesh
    • Kalsi, Uttarakhand
    • Girnar, Gujarat
    • Shahbazgarhi, Pakistan
    • Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Written in Prakrit language using Brahmi script.
  • Discuss Ashoka’s policies like dhamma, ahimsa, religious tolerance, animal welfare etc.
  • Provide valuable information about Mauryan empire and contemporary rulers like Antiochus II, Ptolemy II, Antigonus II, Magas of Cyrene, Alexander of Epirus.

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