Consider the following information:

Waterfall – Region – River

1. Dhuandhar – Malwa – Narmada

2. Hundru – Chota Nagpur – Subarnarekha

3. Gersoppa – Western Ghats – Netravati

In how many of the above rows is the given information correctly matched?

(a) Only one

(b) Only two

(c) All three

(d) None

The correct answer is (b) Only two.

  • Dhuandhar Falls is located in the Malwa region and is formed by the Narmada River. This information is correctly matched.
  • Hundru Falls is located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau and is formed by the Subarnarekha River. This information is also correctly matched.
  • Gersoppa Falls (also known as Jog Falls) is located in the Western Ghats but is formed by the Sharavati River, not the Netravati River. This information is incorrectly matched.

Learn more

  • Dhuandhar Falls:
    • Located in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India.
    • Formed by the Narmada River as it flows through the Marble Rocks and plunges down, creating a misty appearance.
    • The falls are approximately 30 meters high and are a popular tourist destination.
    • Features a cable car service for tourists to view the falls from different angles.
  • Hundru Falls:
    • Located in the Ranchi district of Jharkhand, India.
    • Formed by the Subarnarekha River, falling from a height of 98 meters.
    • Known for its scenic beauty and rock formations created by erosion.
    • Popular as a picnic spot, especially during the dry season when the water flow is less intense.
  • Gersoppa (Jog) Falls:
    • Located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India.
    • Formed by the Sharavati River, with a drop of 253 meters, making it one of the highest waterfalls in India.
    • The falls consist of four distinct cascades: Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket.
    • A major tourist attraction, especially during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak.
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