“Biorock technology” is talked about in which one of the following situations?

(a) Restoration of damaged coral reefs

(b) Development of building materials using plant residues

(c) Identification of areas for exploration/extraction of shale gas

(d) Providing salt licks for wild animals in forests/protected areas.


“Biorock technology” is talked about in the following situation:

(a) Restoration of damaged coral reefs

  • Biorock technology is an innovative process that accelerates coral settlement, growth, healing, survival, and resistance to environmental stresses such as high temperature, sediment, and pollution.
  • It has been successfully applied to restore damaged coral reefs, build new ones, and greatly increase populations of reef fish and other marine organisms.
  • Biorock structures become rapidly colonized by a full range of coral reef organisms, including fish, crabs, clams, octopus, and lobster.
  • This technology is the only sustainable method of protecting coral reefs from mass extinction due to global warming.

The other options are not related to Biorock technology.

Learn more

  • Biorock technology was originally invented in 1976 to produce natural building materials in the sea.
  • It is a unique method that allows coral reefs and other marine ecosystems, including seagrass, salt marsh, mangrove, and oyster reefs, to survive and recover.
  • Biorock materials are the only marine construction material that grows, gets stronger with age, and is self-repairing.
  • Biorock structures have been built in around 40 countries all around the world, mostly in small islands, with around 400 of them in Indonesia.
  • The process involves passing a small electrical current through a metal frame placed on the seabed, promoting the deposition of calcium carbonate and other minerals, which build up on the surface of the metal.

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