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Assess the impact of global warming on coral life system with examples.

Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, have resulted in a significant increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This has led to a warming of the planet, commonly referred to as global warming or climate change. Over the past few decades, this warming has had a significant impact on the world’s oceans, including the inhabitants of these oceans, such as corals.


  • Corals lose their color due to loss of zooxanthellae algae
  • Algae live in symbiotic relationship with coral, death of algae leads to death of coral
  • Example: Great Barrier Reef in Australia has experienced significant bleaching

Fluctuations in Mineral Composition:

  • Temperature of oceans regulates mineral contents like magnesium and calcium
  • Imbalance in mineral contents results in inability of corals to survive
  • Example: Collapse of coral colonies in Caribbean islands


  • Major source of nutrients for corals
  • Sustain corals in optimum subtropical temperatures
  • Example: Reduction in phytoplankton in subtropical waters

Mineral Imbalance:

  • Increase in global temperature results in loss of mineral contents for corals
  • Example: Coral colonies at Caribbean islands lost due to mineral imbalance

Way Forward:

  • Curbing carbon emission and ozone protection
  • Reduce burning of fossil fuels and emission of harmful gases
  • Reducing pollution near water bodies, banning non-biodegradable products near oceans and lakes
  • Artificial reefs can be used as solution to stop islands from sinking

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