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Prelims Sureshots - Repeated/Most-Probable Topics through Mindmaps & Table-Charts

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    Complete list of amendments in Indian Constitution
  2. Government Agencies
  3. [Table Chart] Comparison between various posts/bodies with respect to Tenure, Appointment, and Removal
  4. Landmark Acts that Shaped India
  5. Landmark Judgements that Shaped India
    Important terms of Ancient India
  7. Important terms of Medieval India
  8. Important Terms of British India
  9. Important Personalities of Modern India
  10. [Table Chart] Indian Kingdoms & Founder Rulers
    Indexes/Reports of Organizations
  12. Important Economic Terms
    Natural Ecosystems (Types of forests, Grasslands, etc)
  14. [Table Chart] Threatened species in India (IUCN Red list)
  15. Scheduled Animals of WPA 1972
  16. Protected Areas (National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Biosphere Reserves, etc.)
  17. India’s conservation efforts (Environmental Legislations, authorities, organisations, etc.)
  18. Organism Facts (Ants, Cockroach, Spider, etc)
    International conservation efforts (Important environmental organisations, agreements, etc.)
  20. Physiographic Regions of World
  21. Climatic Regions of World
  22. Oceans and Bordering Countries
  23. Countries through which Equator, Tropic of Cancer & Tropic of Capricorn passes
  24. India - Minerals, Rivers, Lakes, Glaciers, Mountains, etc.
  25. Major Waterfalls in India - their geographical region, Source river
    Major Crops & Cropping Patterns
  27. Space Missions (World and India)
    Schemes & Welfare Programmes: Ministry-Wise Compilation
  30. International Organisations, Groupings, and Agreements
  31. Important Declarations
  32. Joint Military Exercises
  33. Important International Conventions
WaterfallGeographical RegionSource RiverState
Athirapally FallsWestern GhatsChalakudy RiverKerala
Barehipani FallsEastern GhatsBudhabalanga RiverOdisha
Barkana FallsWestern GhatsSita RiverKarnataka
Chachai FallsVindhya RangeBihad RiverMadhya Pradesh
Chitrakoot FallsDeccan PlateauIndravati RiverChhattisgarh
Dhuandhar FallsVindhya RangeNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh
Dudhsagar FallsWestern GhatsMandovi RiverGoa
Duduma FallsEastern GhatsMachkund RiverOdisha
Gokak FallsWestern GhatsGhataprabha RiverKarnataka
Hebbe FallsWestern GhatsBhadra RiverKarnataka
Hogenakkal FallsEastern GhatsKaveri RiverTamil Nadu
Hundru FallsChotanagpur PlateauSubarnarekha RiverJharkhand
Johna FallsChotanagpur PlateauRaru RiverJharkhand
Gersoppa/Jog FallsWestern GhatsSharavathi RiverKarnataka
Joranda FallsEastern GhatsDhenkanal RiverOdisha
Kapildhara FallsVindhya RangeNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh
Keoti FallsVindhya RangeMahana RiverMadhya Pradesh
Kempty FallsHimalayasKempty RiverUttarakhand
Khandadhar FallsEastern GhatsKorapani NalaOdisha
Kune FallsWestern GhatsKune RiverMaharashtra
Kunchikal FallsWestern GhatsVarahi RiverKarnataka
Kutralam FallsWestern GhatsChittar RiverTamil Nadu
Kynrem FallsKhasi HillsThangkharang RiverMeghalaya
Magod FallsWestern GhatsBedti RiverKarnataka
Meenmutty FallsWestern GhatsChaliyar RiverKerala
Nohkalikai FallsKhasi HillsNohkalikai RiverMeghalaya
Nohsngithiang FallsKhasi HillsUmshiang RiverMeghalaya
Palani FallsHimalayasPalani RiverTamil Nadu
Rajrappa FallsChotanagpur PlateauBhairve RiverJharkhand
Rakim Kund FallsChotanagpur PlateauGayghat RiverJharkhand
Shivasamudram FallsEastern GhatsKaveri RiverKarnataka
Soochipara FallsWestern GhatsChaliyar RiverKerala
Teerathgarh FallsDeccan PlateauKanger RiverChhattisgarh
Thalaiyar FallsWestern GhatsManjalar RiverTamil Nadu
Thoseghar WaterfallsWestern GhatsThoseghar RiverMaharashtra
Vajrai FallsWestern GhatsUrmodi RiverMaharashtra
Vantawng FallsMizo HillsVanva RiverMizoram
Ethipothala FallsEastern GhatsChandravanka RiverAndhra Pradesh
Kuntala WaterfallDeccan PlateauKadam RiverTelangana
Pochera FallsDeccan PlateauGodavari RiverTelangana
Bhimlat FallsAravalli RangeBhimlat RiverRajasthan
Chachai FallsVindhya RangeBihad RiverMadhya Pradesh
Elephant FallsKhasi HillsUmshyrpi RiverMeghalaya
Khandadhar FallsEastern GhatsKorapani NalaOdisha
Kynrem FallsKhasi HillsThangkharang RiverMeghalaya
Langshiang FallsKhasi HillsKynshi RiverMeghalaya
Nohkalikai FallsKhasi HillsNohkalikai RiverMeghalaya
Nohsngithiang FallsKhasi HillsUmshiang RiverMeghalaya
Seven Sisters FallsKhasi HillsHeavy Monsoon RainfallMeghalaya
Vantawng FallsMizo HillsVanva RiverMizoram


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