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  • Paper 1 Notes & Mindmaps
  • Paper 2 Notes & Mindmaps
  • Optional study group
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What is a Mindmap

  • A mind map can turn a long list of boring information into a colourful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of doing things.
  • A mind map is hierarchical and reflects relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • Whenever you make notes from books or newspapers, instead of writing paragraphs or bullet points, you can make a mind map for the big-picture analysis and better recall.

What you will get after purchasing Psychology optional subscription?

With Psychology (Optional) subscription, you can access:

Psychology (Optional) Paper 1 & 2 mindmap course – till subscription expiry
Psychology (Optional) Study Group – for discussing with your fellow members

Features of this course

  • In-depth but easy to learn/revise through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Add your own notes
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns


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Referred Sources

Book referred and to be referred:

  1. Psychology by Robert A Baron
  2. Psychology by Morgan and King
  3. Psychology by Saundra Ciccarelli
  4. Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman
  5. Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences by A K Singh
  6. Psychology – Classes XI & XII NCERT textbooks
  7. Social Psychology textbook by Baron and Branscombe
  8. Applied Psychology by Smarak Swain

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1 review for Psychology (Optional) Notes & Mindmaps Subscription

  1. ganesh rokade (verified owner)

    These notes are a game-changer for me! The comprehensive content and well-organized mindmaps helped me grasp complex concepts effortlessly. A must-have study resource for any UPSC aspirant tackling the Psychology optional paper. Highly recommended!

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