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35 reviews for Platinum (GS) – 1 Year

  1. pavan hc (verified owner)

    Awesome content and nice initiative

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thanks Pavan for the positive feedback.

  2. Sdolma (verified owner)

    The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts. A smarter way of prep?

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thanks, Spalzes for the nice review. Your suggestions on hot topics really helped. My best wishes for your attempt in UPSC 2019. You will achieve this time considering your hard work and perseverance.

  3. Manojiasexpress (verified owner)

    A+……Miles to GO….

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thank you.

  4. Vikas Hooda (verified owner)

    To be really honest I haven’t seen or found any platform on the internet which could match the output ratio of IAS express, this platform is just unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision.
    Why do I like this platform?
    1) very very low cost for notes of all the (pre + mains ) subjects add to that CA topics analysis from various newspapers on hot topics.
    2) notes designed in a way that help you to recollect more while revising rather than just reading them.
    3) most of the notes from standard books i.e Laxmikanth, Ramesh singh, Tamilnadu history books.
    4) IAS Express responds to emails immediately.
    This is the first time writing feedback on any website simply because of the reason that I have liked it very very very…………..much.
    Thank you

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thank you so much, Vikas for making the time to provide such a nice review. And thanks for all the feedbacks and updates that you’ve frequently suggested to me. I’m working on it. IAS EXPRESS will become a one-stop destination for UPSC aspirants in no time. Thanks for being a member.

  5. Shubhreet Lalli (verified owner)

    Minds maps are amazing , huge topics can be revised in 15 minutes .
    Every topic of static syllabus is covered .
    Monthly magazines very crisp and everything has a background info.

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thanks Shubhreet for the positive feedback.

  6. mrinalsingh119 (verified owner)

    Best site for preparation. I have enrolled in another site but this site provides me with the to-the-point articles which are needed for your mains writing. I would like to tell everyone one should invest in this site and you will not regret it after taking membership. thank you iasexpress for doing such a great job.

    • Santhosh Kumar

      You’re welcome Mrinal. Keep following IE. Thanks.

  7. tandralibaruah22 (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank you for the mindmaps as they have been very useful while studying.

    • Santhosh Kumar

      You’re welcome. And thanks for the positive review.

  8. dmohan188 (verified owner)

    A great way to retain the subject with crisp points. A single book strategy for a subject ends up in a score around the cutoff. In some perspective, “Too much materials seems to be dangerous”. Studying more and more books of same subject also leads to confusion at the last minute. IE’s approach of balancing these two strategies is definitely a saviour for last minute revision and face the exam with more confidence.

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thank you Mohan for making time to write such a nice review. I’m glad IE helps in your preparation.

  9. deepthi polamarasetty (verified owner)


  10. Invictus (verified owner)

    Mindmaps are so good. it saves lot of time specially for senior aspirants. It helps to recall everything faster in mains exam. very much helpful for mains. Thanks and all the best.

    • Santhosh Kumar

      Thanks. I’m delighted to know that our contents are helpful in your preparation. Good luck with your exams.

  11. Aadil Mandori (verified owner)

    Brahmastra for current affairs specially for mains, join without thinking,u won’t regret

  12. Jitesh Sahu (verified owner)

    IASexpress has made preparations much easier. I’m scoring good marks in static mocks. The mains section is absolutely amazing. Many indirect questions came in this mains 2019 from your mainswise section topics. YOUR MINDMAPS saves a lot of time + it has helped me to make notes in a very precise manner. Tysm Santhosh Sir.

  13. Jonathan Guite (verified owner)

  14. sanjana tiwari (verified owner)

  15. Dhruv K. Patel (verified owner)

    Can improve more by including more analysis on some topics, otherwise great initiative and efforts

  16. Deepak singh bisht (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  17. arjav joshi (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  18. Karthika S (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  19. Kinshuk Chandra Das (verified owner)

    Very good for ias preparation.Best platform for ias preparation.Highliy recommend.Cost effective.

  20. SUMONA DEY (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS) – 1 Year
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • Santhosh Kumar

      I’m glad you found us :) All the best.

  21. Khaleel (verified owner)

    I’m not sure whether it is sufficient for prelims (though I believe no other sources are sufficient). But it is more than sufficient for mains… I give five stars for your efforts… Thank you so much

    • Santhosh Kumar

      You cannot find any source sufficient because UPSC may ask questions from any source they want. But we work really hard to reach the sufficiency (you can see that from prelims CA mindmaps and mains articles itself). Thank you for the feedback. Good luck with your exams.

  22. ritesh (verified owner)

    for last moment or in a rush, the mind-maps are panacea for revision. one can utilize each second through this interesting site….

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Mindmaps are really helpful. Thanks.

  24. Rakesh (verified owner)

    Precious for upsc smart preparation.

  25. Aadil (verified owner)

    very comprehensive coverage of current affairs article, while newspaper editorials are found discussing on single side of issue,

  26. IAS (verified owner)

    This is the best purchase i’ve ever made, things are so simplified categorized, helps me a lot in revision

  27. Michael Mung (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is very easy and understandable and easy to grasp and memorize effectively

  29. saif (verified owner)

    Its very helpfull to me ,

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)


  31. Parvejalam Shaikh (verified owner)

    The new way of structuring content made upsc journey much easier.

  32. shafique (verified owner)

    A good source to understand and interlink events

  33. mehrankHAN (verified owner)

    this mind map utmost helpful for my preparation .I express my gratitude to all faculty member who consolidate the content and then make it (mindmap).

  34. Ashish Chandak (verified owner)

    Review for Platinum (GS) – 1 Year
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)


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